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Norm! Big bloke on a big bike.

Loves an adventure, takes no prisoners, takes no drugs (anymore).

He likes to keep things mysterious, mainly because he already has another job and his employer might not approve...

Dog on motorbike
Insurance advice

On a recent Facebook post about never auto-renewing your insurance policy, a follower pointed out something so bleeding obvious we are surprised we’d never really thought about it. “There’s no reward for loyalty anymore,” said Adrian. And he’s right, isn’t he? Instead of recognising that renewing a policy is an

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Speeding biker

In the past few days the biking interwebs have gone into meltdown over the four-month sentence and five-year ban handed to Scot Barry Gray for speeding at 149mph. Make no mistake, that was a dumb move. But a four-month prison sentence? Not even suspended? When known motorcycle thieves get handed

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Green lanes on a motorbike

You don’t need a road to have fun on a motorbike. Get out into the countryside and have a blast but make sure you know the green lane rules for motorbikes, so you don’t spoil things for others. One of the greatest pleasures in the biking world is riding a green lane

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