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Dutchie is a truly global nomad. He's currently heading home from Britain to his native Oz via Turkey, Iran, Pakistan - places that are home to some of the kindest people on the planet when it comes to looking after a biker on the road.

His first experience of bikes was tooling around on the back of his dad's BMW R80 (in teal, rusty as hell and noisy as f#ck).

An ace photographer (that'll make him blush) and blogger, he's been riding since he was 19 and has spent a decade on bikes, from lithe Kawasaki Z750's, through crotch-rocket Daytona 675's and on to today's continent-busting Triumph Tiger 800 XC.

You can read up on his latest progress at http://atthehandlebars.com

riding motorbike to Australia
Life on bikes

If you’ve ever lost your biking mojo, then found it again, you’ll know what’s driving our newest contributor, Dutchie. He’s crossing not just a country or a continent, but the entire Eurasian landmass; with little more than some cash, his passport, a few clothes and a Triple. Join him in

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